Thursday, August 27, 2009

TWD Rewind: Bill's Big Carrot Cake

It's official: I've joined Tuesdays With Dorie! The few recipes I've tried from the book have been amazing; the fluffiest batters I've ever seen! I'm really excited to be able to say "I've made every recipe in this book". However, I am really far behind on the recipes, so I've got to get started. I made this cake a couple of weeks ago, when I didn't even know TWD existed. I took a picture intending to post it on here with the recipe, but now that I'm making every recipe, I'm going to do what lots of other TWD bakers do, which is tell you that if you want to make this recipe (you should), GO BUY THE BOOK! Is that clear? Go buy it! :D 
Anyways, about the cake. I took this cake to a dinner where four people ate from it, one of which barely ate because he is diabetic. Between them, almost half was gone at the end of one meal. That says a lot about it, don't you think? This batter is pretty easy if you're using a stand mixer. The only thing time-consuming is grating the carrots like I did, but if you're not too lazy to take out the food processor (me! I'm lazy!), that step is quick, too. The cream cheese frosting is great, too. Good luck!

If you don't know what Tuesdays With Dorie is, it's a group of food bloggers who make the same recipe every week from Baking From My Home To Yours by Dorie Greenspan

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