Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BFMHTY: Almost Fudge Gateau

I apologize for the picture above... don't even get me started on my digital camera and its "food setting." Last night for dinner, my dad and I decided to make a special meal for my mom. Chocolate is her favorite, so I looked through the way-too-long list of recipes I haven't made from BFMHTY. Like I said earlier, I no longer have the goal of finishing the book, but I like the recipes from it and maybe it's something I'll want to do someday. I think it would be a fun summer project (although it might last two summers - seriously, the length of this list is depressing).
Anywho, I chose the almost fudge gateau. That name makes it sound delicious, and I love the little story before the recipe about Dorie's friend who gave up television to sit and watch her oven for half an hour while the cake rose. This cake was fairly simple (you know, for a master baker like me. yeah right, this is the girl who managed to make whipped cream into butter). Haha no, it is not a complicated recipe and is fairly quick.
The cake is, like the description says, moist and dense. It is very rich and chocolaty, and delicious! I recommend it. The recipe can be found in BFMHTY.

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