Thursday, April 11, 2013

TWD Rewind: {Salted} Best Ever Brownies

     I love all of the variations on brownies bakers come up with every day. They're indulgent, delicious, and totally new - I even have a batch of chunky s'more brownies cooling on my counter right now. But sometimes you just need a classic brownie.
     This might be my new go-to recipe. While they do take longer to make than my old recipe, they are so, so worth it.
     I know brownie texture is a controversial topic with many people - some like them like cake, some like them as dense as fudge. I think this is the perfect balance between the two. The mixture of chocolates gives them a great flavor, too. I sprinkled quite a bit of fleur de sel on top of the pan of batter before baking, which enhances the deep chocolatey flavor. You can expect to see my own variations on this recipe coming up!
   The recipe can be found on the host's blog from a Tuesdays with Dorie I missed back in November.

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