Saturday, July 4, 2009

Burger Cupcakes

Has anybody seen Bakerella's hamburger cupcakes? They are so cute, so I decided to make some for our 4th of July BBQ today. However, I didn't make the sugar cookie fries :D These are basically vanilla cupcakes with brownie and "ketchup, mustard and lettuce" in the middle. I didn't put in the lettuce, though. They are topped with sesame seeds to look like hamburger buns.

        Hamburger Cupcakes

1 batch vanilla cupcakes
1 batch brownies
small batch soft cream cheese frosting
food coloring
sesame seeds

Cut the vanilla cupcakes in halves or thirds, depending on how thick they are. If cutting into thirds, discard the middle (or eat ;D )
Cut the brownies the size of the cupcakes. If you can't cut enough, make the scraps into patties. Stack a cupcake bottom, then a brownie. Dye the cream cheese frosting and pipe on mustard and ketchup or mustard, ketchup and lettuce. Stack on the top of the cupcake. Repeat with rest of the cupcakes.
Brush the tops with water and attach sesame seeds to the top.
Warning: Don't leave them uncovered overnight, because they will become stale.

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