Friday, February 26, 2010

TWD Rewind: French Pear Tart

Happy snow day to everyone in the NYC area! :) Last weekend, I made this tart for a dinner. It was so simple to put together, and looked beautiful. It starts off with Dorie's simple tart dough - which I still am in love with - and its partially baked. Then comes an almond cream - put ground almonds (still have so much left over from the DB macarons), sugar, vanilla, butter, cornstarch, and probably something else I can't remember because it's late and I'm tired, into a food processor, blend it, and put it into the crust. Then comes pears. This was the fun part, because you can cut them in a way that looks a lot harder than it is. You take canned pear halves(we had the option of poaching fresh pears, but I was short on time) and thinly slice them. You put one onto a spatula and press down slightly on it, which makes it fan out. You put six of these on top of the cream (one can of pears has six halves):
and stick it in the oven, and out comes a beautiful tart. And it tastes yummy, too!

So if you want an easy, impressive recipe, you can find it here or buy the book. Enjoy!


Lisa and Gara Holiday Letter said...

Hi Sophia! The pear tart was AMAZING and the perfect end to our dinner last week - we all had seconds and then were nibbling at the few remaining pieces. My only regret is that you couldn't join us for the evening! Thank you so much for this delicious present and for sharing your beautiful talents with us. Love, Lisa and Gara

Sophia said...

you're welcome! i'm glad you liked it :)