Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strawberry Meringue Trifle

a.k.a. the easiest dessert you will ever make. And one of the most delicious.
In my house, I always somehow get volunteered to make dessert for any sort of party or dinner. Okay, maybe not "get volunteered" - I usually demand dessert rights ;) Anyway, sometimes I forget about the rest of my life besides baking and don't have time to make something elaborate. This "recipe" is really a simple mixture of whipped cream, strawberries, and store-bought meringues. Of course you can make them yourself to add another level of deliciousness, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of a quick recipe.
My mom taught me how to make this yummy mess. She grew up eating it, and it was one of those things that when I tasted it, it felt like I had tasted it lots of times before. I guess my mom made it for me before I started becoming the dessert maker in our house? Or maybe it's just natural comfort food. Either way, this is super easy and quick, and so delicious. Serve it in big scoops in bowls!
*I'm not sure this would technically be called a trifle, but I thought it sounded good so there you go! Enjoy <3
Strawberry Meringue Trifle
2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar
1 large package meringue stars (you know, the kind that come in the plastic tub), broken in to large pieces
1 1/2 pints strawberries, chopped

Beat heavy cream until it holds soft peaks. Beat in the confectioner's sugar.
Layer the cookies, whipped cream, and strawberries in a large dish (a deep 11x7" is what I used, but any large dish should work). Chill until serving. Yum!
These measurements are all really guesses. Feel free to adjust it as you like. Adding something like chocolate shavings or nutella would be delicious! Be right back, I have to go buy some cream....

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