Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sun-Baked S'mores

Some recipes can really only be made in hot weather. Sure, you can make ice cream in the middle of winter (trust me, if you do, you are not alone), but it would be harder to do something like bake chocolate chip cookies in your car when there is snow outside. Today, I made one of these recipes.
New York has hit a heat wave. At the day camp I'm working at, we do lots of science experiments. We decided that we wanted s'mores, but it was much too hot to spend time outside, and the rule against a campfire inside a school building wasn't going to stop us! Another counselor suggested making them in the sun, which ended up working out really well.
It is so simple, and so much easier than building a campfire! You assemble an entire s'more, uncooked marshmallow and unmelted chocolate and all, on a piece of tinfoil.
Wrap it up in the tinfoil (we made lots and lots!). Place them someplace hot, like in your car or in direct sunlight. We put ours on trays on the roof of the building.
About an hour later, they are ready to eat! The marshmallows will be pretty gooey (leave them longer if you want them really melted) and the chocolate will be melted. We used chocolate chips to ensure that they melted, but a piece of a chocolate bar should work too. Unwrap and enjoy! <3
Sun-Baked S'mores
(recipe by a fellow camp counselor)

1 full graham cracker
about 10 chocolate chips
1 marshmallow

Break the graham cracker in half. Layer one half, the chocolate chips, the marshmallow, and then the other half. Wrap in a sheet of tinfoil.
Place in a very hot place, such as a surface in direct sunlight (if it's very hot out), or a car that has been sitting in the heat for a while.
After about an hour, unwrap and enjoy!
-makes 1 s'more

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