Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TWD: All in one Holiday Bundt Cake

As you may know, for the month of November, us TWD members are allowed to post in any order we like. This week I made the All in one Holiday Bundt Cake, chosen by Britin of the Nitty Britty. It was quick to make the batter, but it did take a long time to bake. And cool. Plus, it smelled REALLY good while it baked. So it was hard to wait to eat it. Actually, we really couldn't wait, so we put on the glaze and sliced the cake while it was still warm. That made the glaze start to melt. But, that's okay, because it tasted awesome. It kept really well, like Dorie said it would. That would make it great for shipping (hint for anybody who's making Christmas gift baaskets: make a cake like this, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in a box cushioned by popcorn. it keeps it from breaking and gives the recipient of your gift a snack!). This would be a great cake for a holiday dinner table, or even for breakfast in the winter. Yum! If you want the recipe, you can buy the book or go to Britin's website (link above), although she won't have the recipe up until next week. Enjoy!


Nina said...

Your cake looks delicious!! We loved this one too and ate half of it right out of the oven! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sophia said...

Nina - it came out of the oven late at night and we managed to stay up long enough to eat it! happy thanksgiving to you too!