Sunday, November 22, 2009

TWD Rewind: Cinnamon Squares

Fellow bloggers out there, do you ever make something, and then you tell yourself that you're going to post it later? But then when you remember that you should post them, you realize that you just put up a new post, so you should wait a day or two? Okay, so I confess that I made these quite a while ago. In October, actually :D I was just too tired (aka lazy) to post them. Oh well, better late than never. Right?
These were DELICIOUS. They start off with a cake batter that is full of cinnamon. That batter is layered with chocolate chips and espresso powder. Yum. We were going to leave it that way. We were in the car, and somebody (he-hem, Dad) accidentally leaned on it. With their elbow. So we were left with a cake that had a huge dent in it. Obviously, we then decided to make the icing (butter and chocolate). However, we didn't know where anything was in the guest house that we were staying at, so we had to use the microwave. Therefore, it didn't come out as a shiny, smooth frosting. It came out more like a barely spreadable paste. BUT, it was still delicious :)
The cinnamon cake had a very strong taste (and I mean that in the best way possible). The chocolate icing really took it to the next level. It kept very well, although it started to get dry by about the third day. But, that's expected. I highly recommend this recipe to anybody who wants a quick and easy recipe. As always, you can buy the book or find the recipe here. Enjoy!


Pamela said...

Oh, yeah! This one was a winner here, too. This was the cake that made me realize how much I love cinnamon and chocolate together. Before, I thought it was just weird. Not any more.

Flourchild said...

I remember this one! Im glad you enjoyed!