Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TWD: Sugar Topped Molasses Spice Cookies

This week I chose to make the Sugar Topped Molasses Spice Cookies (we are allowed to make this month's recipes in any order we like). They were chosen by Pamela of Cookies With Boys. These were delicious! I doubled the recipe. Okay, don't tell, but we put in double the molasses. So we had to put in double of everything else. :D
These were simple and quick to make (well, if you don't count the chilling time). The dough is formed into balls and then rolled in sugar and flattened with a glass. Alright, I'll admit that I was impatient and just wanted to be done with the actual baking of them, so I put twelve on baking sheet. Hey, the book didn't say not to! Obviously they spread. A lot. So I had to cut them apart (see above picture). But, nobody cared. They disappeared quickly. They do keep well, although they are best on the first day.
My only complaint about these was that it seemed like pieces of the cookies were great and pieces were a bit bland. However, this is probably just a mixing error on my part. I recommend this recipe. As always, if you want the recipe, you can buy the book or you can visit Pamela's site (link above), although she may not have the recipe up until further on in the month. Enjoy!


Pamela said...

Thanks for baking the cookies with me. I really enjoyed them, too. I stuck the extras in the freezer, and they are just as tasty.

TeaLady said...

these were good cookies.

Sophia said...

pamela - anytime :D

tealady - i agree. yum!