Saturday, August 11, 2012

Virgin Sparkling Lime Mojitos

Some summer nights just beg for a cool, sweet beverage. As a teenager, it can be hard to find something tasty besides soda to drink. So when we were having friends over for dinner the other night, I asked my mom to make something I could drink. She suggested these non-alcoholic mojitos, and I'm so glad she did!
Mojitos are generally made with lime, sugar, mint, water, and rum. To make these non-alcoholic, we took out the rum, but we wanted them to be more than a mint limeade. So instead of water, we used sparkling water, which made them bubbly and that much more refreshing. If you want to make an alcoholic version of this, you can keep the same idea but use regular water (the bubbles and rum just don't really go together) and add rum to your liking. The measurements below are approximate- my mom thought up the "recipe" but added more sugar and line as we went on- so put in more or take away ingredients to make your ideal mojito ;)
On a summer night, or any night for that matter, this is a lovely little drink. As refreshing as lemonade but with a slightly more sophisticated (or "grown up") and delicious twist. Enjoy! <3

Virgin Sparkling Lime Mojitos

1 lime
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons fresh mint leaves
1 cup sparkling water
1/2 cup ice

Squeeze the juice of the lime into a small bowl (don't discard the lime after squeezing). Pour in the sugar and mint leaves.
Mash with a mortar and pestle (or sturdy spoon) for several minutes, until the sugar is nearly dissolved and the mint is crushed.
Mix with the sparkling water and pour into a glass filled with the ice. (If desired, add one jigger of rum.) Cut up the squeezed lime and drop into the glass. Taste and add more sugar or lime as desired.
-makes one mojito- multiply as needed

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