Monday, August 12, 2013

Berlin: Sugary Blogging

Today was such a fun day, starting with my very first German pretzel (which, incidentally, came from a subway station, but was delicious anyway).
My parents and I went to Ka De We, Germany's oldest department store and home to a great gourmet section! I bought way too much chocolate (you know, for gifts...)
For lunch, I met up with Erica of Cannella Vita! We found out we were both in Berlin and decided to finally meet in person. She's just as sweet and talented as she seems, and it was so much fun to make "real" friends with an internet friend. 
We went out for Japanese crepes, which were delicious. I tried the banana Nutella (because why not have Nutella as much as possible). 
I finally found someone who understands my need to take pictures of every edible thing I see! I think my parents were relieved to see I'm not the only one...
We also went on a Berliner-seeking adventure, and finally found them at the same chain I got them from yesterday. 
We walked around the Gallerie Lafayette for a little bit to check out their gourmet section. When I met up with my parents again, we tasted the Gallerie's macarons...
And then went to a church nearby, where you climb 253 steps to get to an amazing view at the top. 

Tomorrow, get ready for castles! (Because ya know, I'm obviously a German princess. Except for not. But I can pretend.)


Irene said...

Ahhh you girls are the cutest, and to think you'd both be at Berlin at the same time?! That's a great coincidence. Hope you both enjoy your trip and stay safe! X

Sophia said...

Haha thank you Irene!

Cannella Vita said...

Haha I feel so honored to be in your post! I am working on my Berlin post at the moment (as you can see, I am a bit more of a procrastinator than you are!). Today, I woke up super late and unfortunately missed going to the Ritter factory (although I had a very tasty piece of Bavarian nut cake with my mom at a nearby cafe!). I am super jealous that you get to go to the Ritter factory and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Sophia said...

Haha I loved your post too! Aw, that's too bad about the factory :( I'll send lots of pictures! The cake sounds delicious though- I had some mediocre strudel today so now I'm on another food quest, haha!