Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tastes of Paris

I just got home from 3 and a half wonderful days in Paris. I was so busy trying to pack in a million different things into those days that I didn't have any time to post, but here are just a few of the sweet moments from the trip.

Our first view from the bridge near the apartment 
Eric Kayser's famous "cereal bread"
The Eiffel Tower glittering at night
Shakespeare & Co (where I bought my first "Mastering the Art of French Cooking")
Pastries at Angelina
L'As du Fallafel, of course
"Breakfast" from Ladurée, eaten by a lovely pond before going to the L'Orangerie museum. 
A giant Pierre Herme macaron for comparison (we liked Ladurée's better)
View from the Arc de Triomphe
Quite a bit of pastry supplies shopping that almost made my suitcase explode
Maison Stohrer's famous "love well," a pastry cup filled with vanilla cream which is then brûléed. 
Fouquet's dark-chocolate-covered marshmallows 
Pastries from Lenôtre
A little "chocolate tour" we went on
Patrick Roger (M.O.F.) makes beautiful chocolates that look almost like marbles. 
Puyricard's lovely boxes of chocolates
Those were insanely delicious (as were Maison du Chocolat's "rigoletto noir"). 
Pastries and super rich hot chocolate at Carette...
A pain au chocolat and my first choquette. 
I had been to Paris when I was 8, but I was too young to appreciate it. This trip made me fall totally in love with the city, and I can't wait to go back as soon as possible. 
We spent a lot of time doing my little pastry tour, as you can see- I wanted to try as many of the famous bakeries and treats as possible! We also did a bit of sight-seeing, and a lot of walking - we basically walked all day, every day. I still can't believe how much we squeezed into a long weekend. We also took an afternoon to look at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, which was impressive and is definitely being looked at seriously by my parents and I... But more on that later. :)

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