Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another late TWD: Swedish Visiting Cake

What can I say? I'm sorry? Will that make up for posting halfway through the next week two times in a row? Um, probably not. I have to use my usual excuse - I just didn't have time. I made the cake early, so that I would be sure to post it on time, but then the week came and I just had no time. Oh well.... I promise this week's will be on time!
But you didn't come here to hear me talk about this... you came for the cake. Swedish Visiting Cake, to be exact. It was chosen by Nancy of The Dogs Eat The Crumbs. In the description of this recipe, Dorie talks about how you should bake this cake in an oven-proof non-stick cast iron skillet, because it helps give you a nice crispy crust. Well, I don't have a cast iron skillet, but I do have a non-stick oven-proof one. Dorie calls for a 9-inch skillet, and mine is 10. At this point I was pretty confident that it would still turn out okay.
The batter is quick and easy to put together. I used both the almond and vanilla extracts, and the lemon, because who doesn't like that combo? Into the oven it goes.
A while later, I pulled it out and it looked great. We ate it still warm and loved it. Dorie was right - the skillet does help it get a nice, crispy, golden-brown crust. Yum!
If you want to try it for yourself (please do), you can find the recipe here or in the book. Enjoy!


Nancy/n.o.e said...

Your cake looks beautiful and I'm glad that you enjoyed it - the crust really is the best part, isn't it? Well, that and the chewy interior. Ha! Thanks for baking along with me; better late than never.

Pamela said...

Looks great in that pan! It was a deliciously simple cake, that's for sure.

Sophia said...