Thursday, April 29, 2010

TWD Rewind: Quintuple Chocolate Brownies

Last weekend, I had some spare time and wanted to do another Tuesdays with Dorie rewind. I decided on these Quintuple Chocolate Brownies. They have five types of chocolate:

White chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, unsweetened cocoa powder, milk chocolate, and semisweet chocolate (yes, we are one of those crazy families that buys the 72 oz. packages of chocolate chips at Costco).
The batter is fairly easy, but a bit time-consuming. Into the oven it goes! Once the brownies were cool (okay, mostly. we were hungry.), you melt white chocolate with cream and spread it on top of the brownies. Dorie says to take the brownies out of the pan before you put on the glaze. I did that, but the glaze wasn't very thick and dripped. Although I put the brownies (with the glaze on) in the fridge for 20 minutes, it still dripped (as you can see below). But they were delicious nonetheless.

These are very rich brownies, but also very delicious. They are decadent, but trust me, you won't want to eat one after the other (unless you want to be up all night with a stomach ache). I recommend these! If you want the recipe, you can find it here or in the book (which you REALLY should have by now). Enjoy!


Erin@The Sweet Life said...

I buy the huge bag of chocolate chips at Costco, too. I think just as many are eaten as "just a little something sweet" as are used in recipes! I have wanted to make those brownies for ages, but I haven't gotten up the gumption yet. They look delicious!

Sophia said...

thanks! and i agree - every time we get out the bag to bake, a handful of chips are stolen!