Saturday, April 3, 2010

TWD Rewind: Classic Banana Bundt Cake

Now, picture this - my cousin (who doesn't bake. ever.) and I just got back from dinner. We decide that we want to make tomorrow morning special, because it is my parents' anniversary. We don't know how soon my parents are getting home from dinner. It could be five minutes, or it could be two hours. So obviously we need something quick to make, incase they are getting home in a few minutes. I remember that Dorie has a recipe for a simple banana bundt. I find the recipe. I realize we don't have any sour cream, and I find out that you can sub buttermilk and butter. Great - time to get started.
I know that the cake is going to take over an hour to bake, so we have to finish up the batter as fast as possible. So the two of us run around the kitchen like maniacs for ten minutes. Of course, the mixer sends dry ingredients flying all over the place. Yells of "No, we'll clean it up after we put the cake in the oven!" fill the kitchen. We trip over the dog, which is desperately trying to lick up flour and sugar. Oh yeah, and the milk that ALSO went flying. As we put the cake in the oven, I pray that the baking powder didn't all fly out with the bit of flour. As soon as the oven door is closed, we scramble to clean up the kitchen. Fifty-five minutes later, the cake is out. Thank God, it looks perfect. Onto the cooling rack it goes. Of course, fifteen minutes later the front door opens. I grab the cake and run downstairs. Now, where to put it.... my closet has shelves that look like cooling racks! Great, there we go.

So, the cake spent the night in my closet. This morning, we got up early, put a simple glaze made of confectioner's sugar and milk on it, and set up a beautiful table for my parents. Everybody came up to breakfast and we cut the cake. Thankfully it looked great on the inside, and when we tasted it I was SO relieved to see that it didn't taste like dirt. Actually, it tasted much better than dirt - it tasted like the best banana cake I've ever eaten! Everybody loved it, and this is my new go-to recipe for banana bread/cake. If you want to try it out for yourself (please do), you can buy the book or find the recipe here. Enjoy!

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