Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TWD: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

This week's TWD recipe was chosen by Jaqcue of Daisy Lane Cakes. I have to say, I was very unsure about these cookies. I might of skipped making them had I not agreed to make all the recipes in the book. Had I done that, I would have missed out on a great recipe. The dough is easy to make in a food processor, and it is easy to work with when you roll it out. The only difficulty with this recipe is cutting out perfect squares if you're not using a cookie cutter. You also have to make sure to wet the edges of the dough before sealing them, but other than that the cookies are delicious. Even after I told her the "secret ingredient",my friend ate about ten of them! Have fun!
As always, if you'd like the recipe, you can buy the book, or you can find the recipe here.


Ana said...

HI sophia
I LOVE your blog and can't wait
to make some of your goodies soon, like this one and also the apple pie.
see you at school.
- Ana

Sophia said...

thanks ana! you should definitely try both ;D
if you do, let me know how they turned out, okay?
see ya! :)