Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TWD: Flaky Apple Turnovers

My second TWD post! This week, Julie of Someone's In The Kitchen chose Flaky Apple Turnovers. These were the hardest thing that I have made from the book so far. I had several problems; first, I cut the butter in with my hands like Dorie says she does. But, that didn't work very well, because there were still pockets of butter. I, being new to making these sorts of doughs, thought those were fine and they would just make the dough buttery and delicious. I tried to roll out the dough, and the pockets made it stick. So, I kneaded it until the pockets were gone, refrigerated it, and then rolled it out again. The rolling out was tough, too. I heavily floured the counter so that the dough wouldn't stick, but it was hard to get it really thing, so I ended up with dough that was too thick. Next, the filling. I got about 15 circles (cut with a tartelette pan and re-rolling the dough once). The filling was enough for about 40 circles. The circles are so small that you can fit only a tiny bit of filling in them, and they were hard to close and opened in the oven (though thats probably due to the fact that I didn't moisten the edges with water before closing them like we were supposed to).
However, despite my many complaints, they were delicious. Next time, I might roll the dough thinner and use two circles on top of each other instead of folding one in half. Everybody said that they taste exactly like apple pie. Like always, if you want the recipe, you can buy the book, or you can find the recipe here. And don't forget to check out everyone else's turnovers!

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