Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very late TWD: Sables

Finally! So sorry about the delay in this post. This week's recipe was chosen by Bungalow Barbara. We have been busy with lots of baking for christmas gift boxes to be sent out tomorrow. We have made toffee, loaf cakes (both recipes to come soon), and these. Although this may sound strange, I don't think I have ever made slice and bake cookies. Except from the pre-made cookie dough, before I knew how to bake. But lets just forget about those years, okay?
Anyways, about the cookies. You first make a basic dough (making sure not to overwork it!) and then roll it into logs. After Dorie's signature three-hour refrigeration period :D , you brush the logs with egg yolk and sprinkle on coarse sugar. We did one log red and the other green. Then you cut thin slices and bake them. All done! Some of ours were thinner than others, so they got... uh... "crispy". Let's leave it at that.
They are buttery and sweet and delicious. Yum! So if you want an easy recipe for very pretty cookies (perfect for Christmas if you use the sugars we used), make this one. You can find the recipe in the book or here. Enjoy!

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